maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2014

Humans Of Nepal - Shashi

I used to work at a bank, it was a good job. We went for a holiday to Switzerland and Italy and we got in to a car accident. Everybody else had only small injuries but my husband was in a coma for 23 days. After he woke up they diagnosed him being paralyzed from his chest down because of the spinal injury.

We stayed in Italy for 11 months for my husband to recover and his rehabilitation. After a few months the doctors said my husband wont be able to walk ever again. They offered us to stay in Italy for good but he did not want to. He has his own business here in Nepal with 40-50 employees and didn't want to start building his life over again. If this would have happened in Nepal, he would probably not be alive anymore.

I'm Shashi and we have two children with my husband. I put up this kindergarten so that I can take care of my husband better. Every morning I make breakfast for the whole family, then come down here, go home to cook some lunch, come back here again and then go home after the day to cook for the children and my husband.

My husband has a wheelchair and also a special car also so he can get in to it. He might get urine infection because of his condition many times per year. On those times I need to go home more often and leave the kindergarten to somebody else.

I have had this place for many, many years and all the teachers have stayed with me for that time. I want to take good care of them so I pay them a bit more than the average salary is.

I am lucky to be able to take so good care of my whole family. Not many people could do that here in Nepal.

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