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I might have found peace for choosing a holiday destination over and over again at Villa Prestige

Last spring we found ourselves doing something we usually never do. We returned to the very same villa that we had booked a year ago with all the same people and exactly the same time of the year. We had spent a marvellous vacation, celebrated Miika turning forty and enjoyed our lives there in so many ways.

The gang remained the same with an addition of one baby. Or, actually, she was with us already during our last visit. None of us just knew that. 

Villa Prestige is a luxury villa in Baska Voda, Croatia. Well, not exactly in the village. rather up in the hills of Mount Biokovo. Baska Voda itself is located in the famous Makarska Riviera and is just an hour drive away from the Split airport. To the surprise of no-one the Makarska Riviera is famous for it’s beaches and lovely feeling of fabulous beach promenades that can be found on every and any of the coastal villages.

The villa offers magnificent views of the opposite island of Brac where it’s possible to easily take a day trip.

We had eagerly waited for sunny springtime break that would give a head start for the upcoming summer. We also knew the place is perfect and the dynamics of this group would work like a well oiled machine.

I’ve given a lot of thought what I would write about Villa Prestige. It feels like we’ve said everything there is to say in our previous blog posts (Finnish only).

The upstairs of the villa consists of four bedrooms, each with private spacious bathroom and either a terrace or balcony. The middle floor houses a living room with huuuuge couch, well-equipped kitchen with big enough dinner table to enjoy awesome dinners with the whole happy crew, plus a sauna and gym. There is direct passage to the heated pool area from both kitchen and living room.

First floor has another kitchen with own private dining area and also a big bedroom with a private bathroom. Patio of the first floor has a rather big barbeque area.

But all this information can be found for example on villa’s website, and it's accurate.

I found myself wondering why we would do a replication of our last visit? Were we, for heaven’s sake, approaching middle age? Were we actually becoming people who found it safe and convenient to do same things year after year?

People who would value comfortability and easiness over pursuing new adventures? People who I had secretly laughed at a bit in my mind. 

Going to same place, pfft! 

What is life if not one big adventure?

I’ve always wondered why would anyone visit same place several times when there is so much world to explore? I’ve maybe reached a milestone in my life that helped me understand why - or maybe I have found just a place, that makes me do that.

When I returned to Villa Prestige I felt like coming home.

It was lovely that I didn’t need to give a thought whether the villa would meet our expectations, will our vacation be successful, do the kids enjoy the pool, are the beds big enough, are the bathrooms clean and functional and all those things that might slightly worry someone. Those worrying thoughts haven’t always been unjustified.

Earlier it has been unknown to us to visit same place two years in a row. Where’s the excitement? Perhaps the thing is that not everything must be a big adventure to be good.

Sometimes it’s better to come to a place where you know you can enjoy a glass of champagne with your dearest friends while watching sunset on the terrace, where kids love to swim hour after hour, where dinner table is big enough for the whole pack, where beds are so comfortable they won’t reward you with aching back for the following three months.

Maybe it’s after all just ok to enjoy life without hopping on a 12 hour journey across the jungle in a rusty minivan that’s way past of it’s glory days right after a nine hour night flight. It may not be completely a bad thing to be able to choose dinner spot from one of the excellent nearby restaurants instead of guessing what the island’s only bamboo shack would delight you with tonight.

Maybe it’s plain and simple just a  good thing that everything works.

Maybe these are also the reasons why I’m thinking would it be the worst possible idea to return here again next year. Maybe kind of get married again celebrating tenth anniversary, or to celebrate my own forties this time.

Maybe it’s unnecessary to re-invent the wheel over and over again. The (still quite far away) looming middle age may not be that scary. Especially if one can enjoy holidays in somewhere like Villa Prestige.

Villa Prestige gives 10% discount to our readers. If you want to book, contact them directly via their site and mention us and our blog, or contact us for example via our Facebook page.

*The blog post is done in co-operation with Villa Prestige.

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