sunnuntai 7. joulukuuta 2014

Humans of Nepal: Shanker

My name comes from a Hindu God, Shanker. My mother and father gave it to me.

When I was a little boy, they moved to India and I stayed in Nepal with my grandmother. I was only 5 years old when my father died of alcohol related reasons. My mother never recovered from that and also died soon in something, that nobody has ever told me about. From then on I lived with my grandmother.

When I was small I sometimes felt bad not having my own parents, especially when I visited my friends' homes and I saw them with their mothers and fathers. Nowadays it doesn't bother that much. I am very close with my grandmother. She was both my mother and father.

My grandmother is very old, already 75 years. I help and support her in every way I can, also financially. That is why I also work as a porter up here in the mountains. I am almost a ready guide, I will soon have my test to officiaally become one. As a guide I will earn money. I hope I can have big groups at some point as a guide, because they earn most. It is easier as a guide also because then I don't need to carry heavy bags.

With the money I earn here I also pay my studies at the university. I study business management. It is quite difficult to get enough money for both school, my rent and living and also supporting my grandmother. I would like to work in an office, but the office workers are not always so well paid.

I feel quite happy in my life. I have friends and we go out and have fun.

"What's your biggest dream in life?"

I want to make so much money so that I can start doing all the other dreams I have.

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