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A family of four seeking climate-friendly and sustainable adventures, interested in anything that will make the world a better place.

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Miika, Gia and B & B

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Miika Härkönen - loving water sports, especially diving, underwater rugby and free diving, a devoted father (really, the best!), with a big warm heart, loves wines, never drinks beer (that's for the wife), and always ready to try out anything with an adrenaline kick. Sustainable by heart.

Gia Forsman-Härkönen, - loves any kind of sports, mostly runs, does yoga and works out at the gym, interested in sustainability, world politics and human rights, always in search of a great sunset, awesome food and wine, champagne or drinks to go with it. Has too many phobias she hopes life eventually will help to get rid of.

B & B - the best of daughters

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