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Humans of Vietnam: Thuy

I came to Hanoi for the money. I need it to support my children. My name is Thuy and I am 40 years old.

When I had my first baby, I felt very tired. It was very much work and hard. In Vietnam the government doesn't support having babies in any way.

I have now three sons. My firstborn just started in an electricity university. He is 20 years old. We needed more money to  cover all the expenses for his studies. For myself I don't even buy shoes, I just walk in these sandals.

In the morning I get up to buy fruits on a big market here in Hanoi. Then I sell them here on the streets. But in the afternoon I change, then I sell nuts and seeds and rice cakes. For 10 hours each day I walk on the streets. 3 hours I prepare for all the things. All together it's 13 hours per day. I make about 5 dollars per day.

My second son was fortunate to get a scholarship for his university studies. My youngest son is only 5 years old. He lives with his father, my husband, on the countryside where we have a farm. I go and see them once a month and go back to work at the farm when it's time to plant or collect the rice.
I wanted to have a daughter, but now when I'm 40, I am too old to try to have one more. I got married in 1993 and I'm still very happy for my choice of husband.

The work I do is really hard, but I always think about the success of my sons when I work. I only wish that everything would be good for them, and when they are successful, I can take care of their children when they work.

So what's you're biggest dream in life?

I just want my sons to be successful. And I would want to have a house made of bricks instead of wood and bamboo, because then it would hold the rain.

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  1. Meillä on aika yhteiset haaveet. Mulla vaan on jo se tiilitalo ja paljon, paljon muuta.

    1. Same, same but different, niinkö se oli? :) Ne haavet, ne on tosi hyvät.


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